Bruno Humberto and Borja Sagasti present a physical theatre, live-art performance

  "2 Divide" next performances:

Greenwich Dance Agency, London  Sat 20 Jun 2009 7:30 pm

Hackney Empire, London  26, 27 June 7:30 pm

Arcola Theatre, London  16 July 8:30 pm

Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin  17 September 9:30

Balleteatro, Porto  24 September 9:30 pm

  “One, two. Are you there?”  This performance explores division and bipolarity. Division within ourselves, division between me and you, between us and them. Bipolarity as our contemporary syndrome, between left and right, North and South, East and West. 2 Divide is about the lack of unity and the tendency to create conflict that can happen in our own brain or in a war field. Absurd, personal and mythological narratives come together through the languages of physical theatre, sound and installation.