One, Two, One

Thank you for the fuel,

Thank you for the gasoline,

For being there and not here,

I mean thank you for burning everything,

And to make it worthless

Thank you for this organized and symmetric anxiety,

Thank you for this dammed division, for the bombs, and the credit cards and for the job allowance. 

And even if the line of thought is clear, the line will have two sides,

And my perversion and weakness and appetite to brake this symmetry comes when I less expect it.

And my voice is out of tune, and my voice is an irritating vibration in my lungs, throat, crane, mouth.

And I open my mouth because I cannot bear the smile I had, and I notice the void inside the mouth.

And not even lithium or sodium valproate can bring me down, because I am there already, and I will be the first to destroy myself with fear and hesitation, and I will feed the war with my raw and divided brain. Thank you.

Are you there?


Are you there?

One, Two,

Are you there?

One, two, one

God dam say something.


    absence and conflict

     We do performance as a way of research. In 2 Divide we research about conflict and unity. We use the language of the absurd, physical theatre and live-art. Many questions are made and shared with the audience during an event or encounter called performance. If you have a word to share about the event or doubts to add, please leave a message after the tone. Thanks


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