Satan - A work-in-progress about the History of Evil

We returnto the Shunt Vaults to disrupt the night with short and allegoric interventions. This is a site-specific performance for their next piece about the History of Evil, that can be confused with the History of Mankind. They will trace episodes from the Fallen of the Angel to the American Idol, from the first murderer Cain to Fritz. Using references of canonical texts, classical literature as Milton’s poem Paradise Lost and Dante’s Divine Comedy, but as well London Paper news, they will deal with the different forms of evil, from myth through politics to prime time TV.

If you had the opportunity to see some of these performance interventions, we welcome your feedback.


    absence and conflict

     We do performance as a way of research. In 2 Divide we research about conflict and unity. We use the language of the absurd, physical theatre and live-art. Many questions are made and shared with the audience during an event or encounter called performance. If you have a word to share about the event or doubts to add, please leave a message after the tone. Thanks


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